Careers at Lake Cook Music Studio

Has music made a joyful, positive impact on your life?

Do you love passing that joy on to others?

Then read on to learn more about who we are, what we do and whom we serve.

We are offering some amazing career opportunities for the right fit!

What we are all about

Our Mission:

To be the musical center for the community and beyond, a beacon of light in dark times and bright, providing to all, a safe, fun and interactive environment where students can gather, be themselves and be inspired to grow their love of music and grow as human beings; To provide a social outlet for students of all ages, especially the youth and promote a happy, healthy, positive outlook on life by having a great time making music with friends and making amazing memories that last a lifetime.

Our Vision:

We work as a team of caring, highly skilled professionals, combining and coordinating our strengths and efforts to make learning to play an instrument an exciting and rewarding endeavor.

We know that music is a language and so we build our student’s musical skills using a comprehensive approach, understanding that with efficient and consistent practice, our students will become fluent in music, making “speaking” it easy and fun!

Our Vision aligns with our Mission and unwavering desire to maximize each and every student’s musical and personal growth and enjoyment.

In short- when it comes to ways of having a great time with friends, learning to play music, the sky’s the limit at Lake Cook Music Studio!

Our Core Values:

These are our coordinates that keep us on course each day to achieve our mission of being a safe, positive, vibrant, joyful musical and social center for the community and the world.

  • Teach/mentor at LCMS simply because we love what we do: Passing the joy of music onward to others, especially the youth.
  • Be accountable for our actions and the development of our students.
  • Communicate effectively with our students and their parents to gain their confidence and trust in our ability to guide them on their musical journey and personal growth.
  • Care about the LCMS Family: Our students, parents and staff and their experiences at LCMS. 
  • Show compassion & empathy: Lend an ear if someone has a problem and escalate awareness of it through the proper channels when necessary.
  • Collaborate with one another and be devoted to our Mission, our Vision and the tasks at hand in order to achieve excellence in what we do.
  • Show and promote honesty and integrity with each other and all with whom we interact to gain trust by being transparent with our intentions and delivering on our promises.
  • Be a positive role model and do our best to inspire all those who come to us to grow their love of music.
  • Treat each other with kindness and respect.
  • Be safety-minded; Make safety a priority in our daily operations.
  • Always remember that we value our greatest resources: Our parents, students and staff who are the heart of the LCMS family and ultimately responsible for its success!

Will you mesh well with us and we with you?

The LCMS community may be the perfect place for you if:

  • You love to nurture and grow the love of music in others.
  • You find it immensely rewarding to guide people on a musical and personal journey of growth, progress and self-discovery.
  • You connect with the fact that making and sharing music with others can be one of the most amazing ways that people can spend time together!
  • You will be punctual and prepared: Be ready and waiting to teach each student to maximize quality time, inspire and excite students about music so that they will be encouraged to practice.
  • You are excited about teaching a variety of our programs: Private lessons, music classes, music camps and workshops.
  • You can attend our occasional weekend (and sometimes weekday) recitals, gigs and other performances to support our students and celebrate their music with them.
  • You can attend periodic staff meetings

Please do NOT apply if:

  • The passion and love of teaching is not there.
  • You are not going to be a seriously committed employee of LCMS. (You are looking for a “hobby,” “side-job” or “leisurely activity” that you plan on “squeezing in” between other commitments and responsibilities).
  • You are a full-time “solo act” and are not at all interested in working as a team or routinely communicating with your co-workers.
  • You are reluctant to follow instructions, take direction when given or comply with LCMS policies and procedures.
  • You are reluctant to adopt a new curriculum, new technologies or teach our programs.
  • You are not able to attend student performances.
  • You are not able to attend periodic staff meetings.

If you are excited to join our community, please view our open positions!