What is the correct way to learn an instrument? 

Be it the piano, violin, voice, guitar, flute, drums, etc., playing an instrument involves a series of physical actions or “gestures.” Playing with expression and artistry is accomplished by “coaxing” a variety of sounds from the instrument using these gestures. In other words, for each and every sound created on an instrument, there is a physical action that creates it. 

Creating the sounds you want on the instrument in an effortless manner is the very definition of good technique. To paraphrase Chopin, who put it best: Technique and artistry are one and the same. It is a matter of cause and effect.

Therefore, it is essential that the student be taught the most ergonomic, relaxed and efficient movements right from the start, to avoid strain and injury, all the while learning to play with beautiful expression and artistry.

So the teacher’s job, like a coach, is to help the student, like an athlete, “find” and develop these effortless movements that create beautiful, expressive music. So yes! Learning to play an instrument is a bit of an athletic endeavor!

These gestures are the “tools of the trade” for the musician. Over time, the student acquires a large assortment of “high quality tools” that they can instantly “pull out of their tool box” to use in performance.

At Lake Cook Music Studio, good technique is a priority that is taught to all of our students. As their technique grows, the student can more easily express themselves through music, which adds to the sheer enjoyment of playing.

What is the best age to start my child with lessons?

The short answer is any age. Yes, anyone can learn music. Why? Because humans are intrinsically musical. We are born with innate, musical inclinations and our musical abilities increase as we learn the language.

However, we have found that age 6 is the minimum age that works best with our programs.

We do have plans to introduce a toddler program when resources allow.

The key is, learning music needs to be age appropriate. There are other factors involved as well, such as one’s own personality and disposition but the single most important factor is how eager the student wants to learn music.

This is why we offer a free meet and greet session, so we can get acquainted, answer your questions and see if LCMS is the right fit. And if you start your musical journey with us, we will guide you every step of the way!

How does Lake Cook Music Studio operate?

Lake Cook Music Studio is run like a school. Students enroll and pay tuition to hold their spot.

The calendar year is made up of two sessions: The School Year Session and the Summer Session.

The School Year Session is 32 weeks. It starts in late August and ends in late May. It is divided into two terms, a Fall Term and a Spring Term with a holiday break in between.

The Summer Session is 5 weeks long. It begins in mid-June and ends in mid-July. 

LCMS’s calendar roughly mirrors the local school’s calendars.

For more information, please see the LCMS Calendar.