William Gerdes- Owner & Director

William Gerdes, the founder and owner of Lake Cook Music Studio, has been teaching music for nearly three decades. William grew up playing drums, piano and singing and has a wealth of performance experience in rock and pop bands, jazz and chorus ensembles and orchestras. William’s other areas of expertise include composition, songwriting, arranging, producing and recording.

Music has always been a source of great joy and fulfillment in William’s life. He wanted to help other people experience the same and so William’s mission has always been to help music become a powerful, positive force in people’s lives and a source of enjoyment and inspiration. Teaching was a great way to accomplish this mission!

William began teaching in 1994. Owning several teaching studios in both Arizona and Illinois, William moved his studio into a brick-and-mortar location at the Spoerlein Commons Mall in 2017. He teaches piano, drums and percussion.

Lake Cook Music Studio continues its mission of providing musical and personal enjoyment and growth through a comprehensive array of instruments and music programs such as private and group lessons, music camps and workshops and performance opportunities for students of all ages!